Department of International Law

Samodurov Dmitriy Ivanovich Associate Professor, PhD
Head of the Department of International Law

About the department of international law

"Even Cicero praised the science fair, concerning alliances, treaties, agreements, nations and sovereigns with foreign nations and covering all the law of war and peace in general."
Hugo Grotius.

"Justice ought to exist between nations, as between citizens of the same country."
Benjamin Franklin.

"International law supports the assertion ... international awareness, educating people in a spirit of respect for all without distinction as to race, culture and religion. Such a consciousness is an essential element of a culture of peace, from the statement which depends crucially on the prevention of international and ethnic conflicts."
Of the resolutions of the UN Commission on Human Rights on April 20, 1998, "Culture of Peace."

"International law, which has traditionally been conceived as an instrument of coordination of sovereign powers, are now equipped with the transfer function of the international community and is used in the name of goals such as peace, development, human happiness and ecological preservation of the planet"
Bedjaoui M., International Court of Justice.

The department "International legal disciplines" (Head of Department PhD, Associate Professor Denis Petrenko), absorbed the best traits and traditions of the Soviet-Russian school of international law, provides training as practitioners and researchers, is in pace with the times, applying modern technology and innovative teaching while maintaining the basic domestic scientific tradition.

Highly trained specialists, teachers of the department give lectures and conduct workshops at the head office IIEL (Moscow) and in the extensive branch network of the institute. The state department of nine professionals. Among them - five candidates, three associate professors WAC. Department of Education in the disciplines performed by: Prof. V.T Agayev, D.S Petrenko, V.N Sidorenko, S.V Taradonov, S. Shulga, associate professor of L.A Nechayeva, teachers, S.N Kurskiy, M.V Usova. Senior lecturer, a graduate student Ivanova T.N is a graduate of the IIEL.

The Department provides teaching of legal disciplines, the study of which is provided by the State Educational Standard ("International law", "Private International Law," etc.). Along with this, within the limits of relative part of the program read such courses as: "European law", "The law of international organizations," "International cooperation in the fight against crime", "Rights and freedoms of man and citizen," "Urgent problems of private international law ".

In in sight of the department there are items of improving the quality and effectiveness of the learning process: a methodology and content of specific occupations, the results of students passing the law practice, discussion of curriculum and teaching materials, etc.

Currently training at the department is on two levels: bachelor, "030900.62" Law, "" Master and "030900.68" Law "." Preparing students for the subjects of international law series is supported by the Department of Foreign Languages IIEL.

Obtained in the process of assimilation of disciplines of knowledge can be applied when working in international organizations, embassies, consulates, public service, as well as practitioners working with a complaint to the European Court of Human Rights, in international tribunals, the secretariat of the international courts, and so etc.

The department holds a large amount of research work in the field of international public and private international law, European law, comparative law, constitutional law, constitutional justice, theory of law. Among the of the Department’s published works - monographs, dozens of scholarly articles in specialized legal periodicals, which indicates a high scientific and pedagogical potential of the department. Teachers of the department have published in Russian scientific journals: State and Law, International Relations, Moscow Journal of International Law, International Public and Private Law, Constitutional Justice Journal, Journal of the University of the Russian Interior Ministry, Law of the Armed Forces and others. The results of scientific activity is reflected in a large number of teaching staff of the department of publications, including textbooks, problem-themed courses, teaching materials and other teaching aids.

Young scientists - members of the department are currently working on such relevant issues as the international maritime transport (student T.N.Ivanova) constitutional aspects of public civil proceedings (the applicant L.A.Nechaeva). Petrenko D.S exercises the work on his doctoral dissertation on issues of constitutional review.
The faculty of the department acts as an expert drafts, prepares scientific findings, analyzes and actively serves as the official opponents at thesis defending, gives feedback on the dissertation and other scholarly works.

The plans of the department of international legal subjects:

continuous training of teachers;
improving the scientific and pedagogical activities to prepare competitive professionals;
development of research, including fundamental research in the field of international law, European law, the rights of regional associations and national law, as well as their interactions;
participation in the legislative and expert analytical work;
strengthening relationships with government agencies, international organizations, universities and scientists in Russia and abroad, and more.

Teaching staff of Department:

1.Petrenko D.S, Ph.D.
2.Agaev V. T, Ph.D.
3.Ivanova T.N.
4.Kursky S.N.
5.Nechaeva L.A.
6.Sidorenko V. N, Ph.D.
7.Taradonov S.V, Ph.D.
8..Usova M.V, Ph.D.
9.Shulga S.V., Ph.D.

Heads of Departments

Chekmarev Gennadiy Fedorovich

Professor, PhD
Head of the Department of Civil Law

Karpenkova Taisiya Viktorovna

Professor, DSc,
Head of the Humanities Department

Sidorenko Vyacheslav Nikolaevich

Professor, PhD
Head of Criminal Law Department

Kozhina Veronika Olegovna

Head of the Department of Economic Theory and Global Economy

Gladkova Margarita Vladimirovna

Head of Finance and Credit Department

Obukhov Viktor Michailovich

Professor, DSc
Head of State and Law Department

Korneeva Inna Leonidovna

Associate Professor, PhD
Head of the Department of Labor and Social Security Law

Shapovalov Dmitriy Anatoljevich

Associate Professor, PhD
Head of Department of Business Law

Samodurov Dmitriy Ivanovich

Associate Professor, PhD
Head of the Department of International Law

Zavalko Nataliya Aleksandrovna

Associate Professor, DSc
Head of the Department of management and marketing