The President of Russia has congratulated an IIEL alumnus

Eugene Gubar’, an IIEL alumnus, has won the gold medal at the First World Martial Arts Games in Peking.

President Dmitriy Medvedev personally congratulated our alumnus and the other participants of the national team on the victory. The President appreciated the achievements of Russian sportsmen, who won the victory in strict competition, and congratulated prize-winners on perfect performance and wished them success.

Competitions included 13 kinds of sports – aikido, boxing, jujitsu, judo, karate, kendo, kickboxing, Muay thai,sambo, tae kwon do, wrestling, and wu shu.

Having won the first place in team classification, kickboxers proved to be able to do a lot: all nine participants of the World Games got through to the final round, and eight of them reached the final!

Eugene Gubar’, a kickboxer and a graduate from the Siberian branch of IIEL, has won a difficult victory in the final duel with a French sportsman Bakari, having defeated him on points.

Eugene answered several questions..

Why is kickboxing so attractive to you?

- It’s beautiful! Many people believe that it is just, pardon, fisticuffs, but this is not true. It is important to elaborate a strategy of the fighting. It is impossible to defeat a rival without it. Now my aim is to become a Merited Master of Sports. I believe that I’ll be able to do it.

- How did it happen that you became a student at Siberian Branch of IIEL?

- My mother is a teacher. She has always told me about the necessity to complete higher professional education. After leaving school I have chosen IIEL because I heard a lot about the institute, good relationships between students and teaching staff, informative lectures.

- You achieved good results in sports. What is a driving force to you?

- I always set goals and try to achieve them. I have had a goal to become a Master of Sports of the World class.

- When you were an IIEL student, did you feel a support on the part of IIEL lecturers?

- Yes, of course, especially Nadezhda Ivanovna Vlakh recognized me as a sportsman, gave me advice and support. Korneev Sergey Ivanovich also supported me and responded to my wishes.

- You are not alone at our meeting. Will you introduce us to your companion?

- This is my wife, Maria. She is also a student at IIEL.

- How did you meet?

- We met occasionally on the beach. When being students at IIEL, we didn’t know each other, and on August 6th 2012 we got married. So IIEL gave me not only a higher education background, but presented me a wife.

- Eugene! We sincerely congratulate you on the gold medal in Peking, and wish you new victories in sports competitions!

- Thanks. For my part I wish the institute prosperity and talented students.

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