The department Management and Marketing

Nataliya Aleksandrovna Zavalko Associate Professor, DSc
Head of the Department of management and marketing

Department of Management and Marketing - one of the leading and largest departments of the Faculty of Economics and Management IIEL.

Organizing a diverse educational and scientific-methodical activity, the Department believes that in an era of dynamic market changes key competencies of managers and marketers are profound and comprehensive knowledge and skills aimed at the optimal combination of human, financial, material and information technology resources modern organization.

In its training and educational activities of the Department assures that the future manager or marketing manager is to be a specialist, manager and leader in one person, a person that has a unique management "handwriting", the original style, combining scientific thinking and effective management decisions.

Intellectual foundation of education, training and development of students of all majors are the subject of "Management", "Marketing," "Personnel management", "Business Communication" and others. Students specializing in management and marketing, in addition, the latest study subjects and elective courses. Among them: "Organization Theory", "Organizational Behavior", "Social Management", "Group dynamics and leadership," "Marketing Research", "Marketing Communications", "Marketing Management", "Marketing in the sectors of activity" "consumer Behavior", "The development and legal protection of the goods."

These and other educational disciplines form the philosophical and methodological basis for future professional economists, managers and marketers.

The staff of the department of management is the scientists and highly qualified teachers with extensive experience in scientific and pedagogical activity, resulting in our country and abroad. Well-deserved reputation for graduate students and professors are: Dyakin BG, Gavrilenko, NI, Golovetsky N.Ya., Hamalinsky IV, compels EA, Romanchenko VS; Professors: Artemov AS ., AV Bulygin, Zezyulin VI, and others.

Any important issues of theory and practice of management and marketing are covered in the classroom (the views of Plato and Aristotle on the management of the state), the scientific ideas and concepts Taylor FW (Frederick Winslow Taylor), A. Fayol (Fayol Henry), Weber M . (Max Weber), Mayo, E. (George Elton Mayo), Maslow (Abraham Maslow), Mac Gregor D. (McGregor Douglas), Drucker P. (Peter Ferdinand Drucker), F. Kotler (Philip Kotler), North D. (Douglass Cecil North), the main models for organizing the financial and industrial relations in modern Russia, especially strategies, techniques and tactics of business communication in various countries and regions of the modern world), our professional credo - a close spiritual unity of the teacher and the audience. The teacher is the first among equals.

Teachers of the department and students preparing theses projects are actively involved in research work. The department participates annually in the publication of collections of scientific papers MIEP. The department's students have repeatedly sweep the student works.

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Heads of Departments

Chekmarev Gennadiy Fedorovich

Professor, PhD
Head of the Department of Civil Law

Karpenkova Taisiya Viktorovna

Professor, DSc,
Head of the Humanities Department

Sidorenko Vyacheslav Nikolaevich

Professor, PhD
Head of Criminal Law Department

Kozhina Veronika Olegovna

Head of the Department of Economic Theory and Global Economy

Gladkova Margarita Vladimirovna

Head of Finance and Credit Department

Obukhov Viktor Michailovich

Professor, DSc
Head of State and Law Department

Korneeva Inna Leonidovna

Associate Professor, PhD
Head of the Department of Labor and Social Security Law

Shapovalov Dmitriy Anatoljevich

Associate Professor, PhD
Head of Department of Business Law

Samodurov Dmitriy Ivanovich

Associate Professor, PhD
Head of the Department of International Law

Zavalko Nataliya Aleksandrovna

Associate Professor, DSc
Head of the Department of management and marketing