Informatics and Mathematics Department

The aim of the department is to prepare professionals to meet the modern requirements of life, the study of information processes of different nature, development and implementation of new information technologies based on modern software and hardware tools in the learning process.

Challenges facing the department: the solution of scientific and technical problems of creating, implementing and ensuring efficient use of computing and information technologies in education in order to adopt to the modern information environment.

The department has highly qualified teachers who have successfully applying search technology problem-MIEP. Among them, Professor: O. Khudyakov, Bakst, L.A, G.N Bitkov; Professors: Tikhonenkov A.V, V.A Buzhinsky, Senior Lecturer Markova E.V and others.

The teaching staff provides training in the disciplines of all departments of the institute:

  • higher mathematics;

  • computer Science;

  • mathematical methods of research in economics;

  • mathematical modeling of economic systems;

  • information technology in the economy;

  • information systems in the economy;

  • statistics;

  • Econometrics;

  • logistics.

Offices of the Department are equipped with modern personal computers. Students have the opportunity to work with the latest software. Technical support of the educational process is constantly being improved. In the classroom the department conducted a local network and have access to the Internet, creating perfect conditions for in-depth study of the global network and its resources.

Faculty conducted a major educational and methodical work. Over the past five years, fully updated educational-methodical complex of discipline of the department. Constantly updated bank of teaching and the development of electronic courses. Designed and implemented the program in the educational process of students' knowledge of automated control, are e-learning program.

The teaching of disciplines based on today's hardware, software and information tools, the rapid development of which requires regular development of new advances and incorporate them into the learning process. Modern requirements to graduate high school suggest, on one hand, knowledge of modern information technology, on the other hand, the availability of appropriate technological training for work, primarily in libraries and archives, museums and information services.

Teachers of the department consult on strategic issues of implementation of automated technologies, the use of Internet resources, present their scientific research at conferences and seminars.

Its research interests are determined by members of the department three main areas:

  • modeling of various processes and systems;

  • information systems and technology;

  • social science and statistics.

The first direction addresses a wide range of problems in the theory of mathematical models and methods for analyzing complex systems, the problem of describing the behavior of complex systems and process diagnostics.

Among the new areas of focus include the development of new information technologies, training programs, creation of information models and learning processes, improve information, education and research.

Research staff of the department of social informatics research and statistics include the relationship of information technology systems of higher education, the impact of information technology for sustainable positive development of society, statistical research in all fields of human activity.

Communication with the department:
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Phone the Department: +7(495)781-06-69 (доб. 142)

Heads of Departments

Chekmarev Gennadiy Fedorovich

Professor, PhD
Head of the Department of Civil Law

Karpenkova Taisiya Viktorovna

Professor, DSc,
Head of the Humanities Department

Sidorenko Vyacheslav Nikolaevich

Professor, PhD
Head of Criminal Law Department

Kozhina Veronika Olegovna

Head of the Department of Economic Theory and Global Economy

Gladkova Margarita Vladimirovna

Head of Finance and Credit Department

Obukhov Viktor Michailovich

Professor, DSc
Head of State and Law Department

Korneeva Inna Leonidovna

Associate Professor, PhD
Head of the Department of Labor and Social Security Law

Shapovalov Dmitriy Anatoljevich

Associate Professor, PhD
Head of Department of Business Law

Samodurov Dmitriy Ivanovich

Associate Professor, PhD
Head of the Department of International Law

Zavalko Nataliya Aleksandrovna

Associate Professor, DSc
Head of the Department of management and marketing