Forms of education


It is focused mainly on the graduates of secondary schools, specialized secondary (specialized) schools.

The for full-time training of the IIEL is characterized by:

- Systematic work of teachers with students; long courses in all disciplines of the curriculum;

- The modular system of studying subjects, which allows to acquire the knowledge, skills, quality, compact and fast.

Part-time form of training

Part-time form of education - an adaptation to the needs of high school students. Youth is an excellent opportunity to combine study with their professional activities. Not every employer provides an employee a paid educational vacation.

So for those who are tough at work, but wants to get an education at high schools, the IIEL provides such an opportunity - a convenient time and evening classes at the weekend. And our teaching staff will do all to every student to receive first-class higher education.

Correspondence form of training

Distance learning - a form of educational process for those that combine education with professional employment. Type of studies, involving a considerable amount of independent work in the total students’ studies.

The session is held every semester when students listen to lectures and take exams and tests.

Correspondence form of training with distance technologies

It is designed to teach students who are far away from the IIEL, or do not have the opportunity to learn the traditional techniques, or time-limited opportunities for movement. It is implemented by training with the use of information technology for the interaction of students’ and teaching staff. Students are granted the possibility of getting educational programs directly at their place of residence or temporary residence (location).

Heads of Departments

Chekmarev Gennadiy Fedorovich

Professor, PhD
Head of the Department of Civil Law

Karpenkova Taisiya Viktorovna

Professor, DSc,
Head of the Humanities Department

Sidorenko Vyacheslav Nikolaevich

Professor, PhD
Head of Criminal Law Department

Kozhina Veronika Olegovna

Head of the Department of Economic Theory and Global Economy

Gladkova Margarita Vladimirovna

Head of Finance and Credit Department

Obukhov Viktor Michailovich

Professor, DSc
Head of State and Law Department

Korneeva Inna Leonidovna

Associate Professor, PhD
Head of the Department of Labor and Social Security Law

Shapovalov Dmitriy Anatoljevich

Associate Professor, PhD
Head of Department of Business Law

Samodurov Dmitriy Ivanovich

Associate Professor, PhD
Head of the Department of International Law

Zavalko Nataliya Aleksandrovna

Associate Professor, DSc
Head of the Department of management and marketing