Finance and Credit Department

Margarita Vladimirovna Gladkova PhD
Head of Finance and Credit Department

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Department of Finance and credit, as an important structural unit of the International Institute of Economics and Law, is Founded in 1992 and provides training highly qualified specialists in financial and credit relations at both the state and at the level of enterprises and organizations.

The department as producing, prepars the specialty "Finances and Credit", as well as the leading discipline for students majoring in "Accounting, analysis and audit", "Business Management", "Marketing", "World Economy", "State and municipal management. "From 2011 to the MIEP receives bachelor's degree the following areas: 080 100 "Economics" and 080,200 "Management." Within these areas of Finance and Credit Department provides training on profiles, "Finance and Credit", "Taxes and Taxation", "Financial Management". The department carries out all types of full-time employment, part-time, extramural courses, using distance learning technologies.

The most important disciplines of the department are: "finance", "Banking", "corporate finance", "insurance", "Financial Management", "Investment Analysis", "taxes and taxation", "Financial Markets and Institutions", "Banking Management" "state and municipal finances."

Students learn modern approaches to the formation of financial policy of the organization, techniques of financial analysis of the company, carry out calculations of tax payments, assess risks, analyze the financial performance of credit institutions, using international experience in financial management.

The teaching staff has practical experience in financial, credit and insurance organizations, scientific and educational activities. The Department has also attracted to the teaching of the leading specialists and experts in a number of sectors of finance, monetary, banking, economic and financial analysis, insurance business, they combine their practical or consulting activities with teaching. Many teachers have qualification certificates; It allows to teach students practical financial and economic performance, taking into account the real conditions of existence of new enterprises and financial organizations.

Department of Finance and Credit pays special attention to scientific and methodical work, seeing it as an important part of the educational process in higher education.

Teachers of the department are working hard to provide methodological support of the educational process: an annual published collections of scholarly articles, monographs, manuals, guidelines. The department has teaching and methodological complexes in all subjects studied profiles "Finance and Credit", "Taxes and Taxation", "Financial Management".

Graduates of the department will implement the application of their knowledge and skill competencies in all areas of the economy. Diploma obtained in the profile, "Finance and Credit", "Taxes and Taxation", "Financial Management", will find interesting and high-paying job: in the financial and credit institutions, the investment and insurance companies, and in budgetary institutions, the tax authorities, organizations different sectors, fields and forms of ownership; to perform consulting, assessment, analysis, and production-economic and other activities.

Top graduates who have successfully mastered the basic educational program of higher education, and showed a tendency to research and scientific and pedagogical work, will have the opportunity to continue their education in graduate school.

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