The Department of Economic Theory and Global Economy

Veronika Olegovna Kozhina PhD
Head of the Department of Economic Theory and Global Economy

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Department of Economic Theory and the world economy is the leading and largest department of the Faculty of Economics and Management IIEL.

In its diverse educational and scientific-methodological activity the department relies on the fact that in an era of constant, rapid change from an economist skills it’s necessary to use the acquired knowledge in a particular situation, as well to select areas of focus for the whole organization.

Intellectual basis for the preparing the students is provided by the basic course "Economics" "Economic history" "History of Economic Thought", "World Economy", "National Economy", "International Business", "Business organizations (companies)", etc. The department is proud of highly informative electives, "Forecasting and planning in market conditions", "Economics and Sociology of labor," "Pricing", "State regulation of the economy and economic policy", etc.

Lectures and practical exercises are designed to make the stern conviction of each student in future profession, to have the interconnection of market economic system and political democracy.

The faculty of the department, including professors Dyakina B.G, Borochov N., Solovyov, V.A, Zhuravlev G.P, N.P Figurnova, Romanchenko V.S Filosofov T. , Kutovoy V.M, V.M Gribanicha, associate professors: Karpov I.V, Pizengoltsa V.M, senior lecturer A. Goncharov and others, with lectures combine vocational training with the deepest knowledge of the practical problems and erudition. Many of them - are recognized in Russia and overseas experts in the field of economics.

Any important issues covered in PTK whether in classroom or be the subject of an interview on the test or examination, the views of Aristotle on the exchange value, the problems of Russia's cooperation with the European Investment Bank, the modern enterprise management model – is seen the solid scientific and educational base and a huge experience of the teachers of the department.

Teachers of the department, undergraduate and graduate students assigned to the department are actively involved in research work IIEL. the collections of scientific articles "Lease relations in the Russian economy: the economic and legal problems. Part 1. "," The investment policy of modern Russia (economic and legal problems), "" Urgent problems of economic globalization "," Trends in the development of market relations in Russia ", published by the Department, are of great interest to the scientific community.

Many educational and methodological complexes have been successfully reviewing the department overseas, including: "International Business", "Global Commodity Markets", "Economics of Foreign Investment."

When the department opened and successfully graduate work in the field: "The world economy" and "Economics".

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Heads of Departments

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Kozhina Veronika Olegovna

Head of the Department of Economic Theory and Global Economy

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