Accounting, Analysis and Auditing Department

The department trains specialists in "Accounting, analysis and audit", considering that the training institutions of higher education professionals, accountants of new formation - a priority for a successful accounting reform in Russia in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). High contribution of the faculty of the department in teaching students of all different professions and specializations, Faculty of Economics and Management IIEL.

Department builds its activity on the basis of productive teaching and teacher interaction with students, which allows us to give future professionals in the field of accounting deep knowledge, to acquire skills in preparing reports in accordance with IFRS, teach to respect the ancient history and traditions of accounting.

In connection with the reform of accounting and reporting in Russia, bringing the accounting systems in accordance with IAS Department shows an increasing interest in studying the peculiarities of accounting in foreign countries, specifically deepening and improving training.

The faculty of the department has extensive practical experience, which coupled with the scientific and teaching staff provides high quality professional training of students. The department of scientific and teaching activities are professors Orlova .E.R and Zharkovskaya E.P, Mamrukova O.I Martynova, R.F, associate professors: M.P Frolova, Shihatov P.I and others.

The complex of disciplines are:

  • "Audit";

  • "The accounting (financial) reports";

  • "Accounting Financial Accounting";

  • "International Financial Reporting Standards";

  • "Taxes and Taxation";

  • "International Standards on Auditing";

  • "Accounting Theory";

  • "The Theory of Economic Analysis", etc.

Teachers of the department are continuously improving the teaching and methodological complexes, developing problem-search technology IIEL, participating together with students and graduate students in the production of collections of scientific papers IIEL, conducting successful research work. Professor B.E Brodsky and E.R Orlova examine the problem of express-analysis, monitoring and evaluation of investment projects and programs. Textbooks of the department, published in various publishing houses, are popular with students and teachers of universities in Russia and neighboring countries in the study of accounting, auditing, financial analysis activities, banking, tax and taxation, and investments.

Communication with the department:
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Tel: (495)781-06-69

skype: kafekdis_miep

Heads of Departments

Chekmarev Gennadiy Fedorovich

Professor, PhD
Head of the Department of Civil Law

Karpenkova Taisiya Viktorovna

Professor, DSc,
Head of the Humanities Department

Sidorenko Vyacheslav Nikolaevich

Professor, PhD
Head of Criminal Law Department

Kozhina Veronika Olegovna

Head of the Department of Economic Theory and Global Economy

Gladkova Margarita Vladimirovna

Head of Finance and Credit Department

Obukhov Viktor Michailovich

Professor, DSc
Head of State and Law Department

Korneeva Inna Leonidovna

Associate Professor, PhD
Head of the Department of Labor and Social Security Law

Shapovalov Dmitriy Anatoljevich

Associate Professor, PhD
Head of Department of Business Law

Samodurov Dmitriy Ivanovich

Associate Professor, PhD
Head of the Department of International Law

Zavalko Nataliya Aleksandrovna

Associate Professor, DSc
Head of the Department of management and marketing